What are the latest developments in AI?

Posted on Aug 12 2022 by Abigail Francine Sparnon

By Professor Ian Reid, Head of the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, Professor at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.

This article is an extract from Artificial intelligence: your questions answered , a report published in partnership with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) .  

“Arguably the most significant development in AI is the speed of AI development itself. Where we once measured software production cycles in years, we’re now seeing a new generation of AI capability every few months, and that tempo is showing little sign of abating.

These kinds of models can support human endeavours in language, vision, robotics and reasoning in fields including industry, resources, law, health care, the environment and education. The value of our emerging AI capability isn’t in the technology itself, but in where it’s applied and what it can do for the world. However, even though the capability is improving at a rapid pace, learned AI models can fail unexpectedly and harbour biases, so more research is needed to ensure that applications are ethical, explainable and accepted by society at large.”

Read the full article in Australian Institute For Machine Learning (AIML)




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