Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies

MindMajix, Last updated: 15.08.2023

Artificial intelligence has changed the way we live with innovative technologies. AI has taken a storm in every industry and has a profound impact on every sector of society. The term Artificial intelligence terms were first coined in 1956 at a conference. The discussion of the conference led to interdisciplinary information tech natural language generationnology. The advent of the internet helped technology to progress exponentially. Artificial intelligence technology was a stand-alone technology for thirty years, but now the applications are widespread in every sphere of life. Artificial intelligence is known by the AL acronym and is the process of recreating human intelligence in machines.

 Many new and emerging technologies are embedded in artificial intelligence. Start-ups to gigantic organizations are in a rat race to implement artificial intelligence for operational excellence, data mining, etc. Let us discuss the Ten Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies.”

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Natural language generation
Speech recognition
Virtual agents
Decision management
Machine learning
Robotic process automation
Peer-to-peer network
Deep learning platforms
AL-optimized hardware

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