Full of drama, emotional upheaval, action & adventure 

Review by Kevin Mallik, Goodreads, 5 out of 5 stars, March 8th, 2023

The Superflare novel pushes me to believe that the world in the future may be controlled by machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The entire theme of the novel is dystopian and apocalyptic. But before that they were divided, living separate in their own zones, some were technologically advanced and some were free from weapons and digital services. As I read, the EMP rendered everything useless in the Clean City, people had no choice but to come out and find a route for life and safety. However, little did they realize that Tron – the super AI machine – took over them post EMP crises?
Amy the president of the Clean City is taken prisoner by Tron. Julia and her teenage friends like Orhan, Fatma, Bian, etc. have to rummage through the streets for food and safety from wolves and vile factors.
Andrew has composed a novel with various elements. He is not spoon feeding but showing how machines can affect us if we continued to be their slaves. Such stories I have often experienced on Netflix…a post-apocalyptic world…teenagers struggling for everything…higher commands tussling for political influence.
It’s full of drama, emotional upheaval, action & adventure and much more. Also with barbarism and chaos at the back of its hand, the novel has snatches of romance too. Julia and Winston in a bid to rise above the crises are gradually pulled to one another. Will the world lay destroyed? Or someone can restore everything and set people free? Or is it just a comeuppance of excessive use of AI?




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