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  • Kat M about „The Superflare“: GREAT JOB

    Kat M (2,567 reviews) on Goodreads, 18.3.23 5 of 5 stars Andrew G. Berger does a great job in telling a good scifi story, I was hooked from the first page and glad I got to read this. The characters worked well in this universe and were unique. I can’t wait to read more from […]

  • The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger – Unhurried Powerful Storytelling

    The Asian Review, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8TH, 2023 „The Superflare talks of the power of human connection during a time of crises caused by a natural calamity. The novel is a hardcore sci-fi dystopian novel with that post-apocalyptic world survival mode. The novel is over 580 pages, not hurriedly delivered; in fact, it’s done in a […]

  • A well-balanced story

    iBooksta, 3.3.23 – Overall, a well-balanced story with quite a number of plausible climaxes. A note also to Andrew Berger’s exceptional writing style, also extremely engrossing! He has a rare quality that can bring both tear and smile on your face with a single sentence. And leave you either spellbound or restless for more with […]

  • A classic of dystopian and sci-fi novels

    Saby Reviews, 5 out of 5 stars Andrew G. Berger’s the Superflare is a classic of dystopian and sci-fi novels. I am impressed by it to an extent that I fell short of words to describe my true admiration for the book. Initially, 587 pages on Kindle, I was reluctant to read it from cover […]


    Published on Goodreads on February 23, 2023 4 of 5 Stars ★★★★ Post pandemic there is no longer just one world – there are two worlds; the free man’s and the other (mostly AI). This can get cringy – just the fact that it’s an altered awful futuristic world and it causes you to consider […]

  • The Bleak Future

    Book Lover, reviewed in the United States  on November 10, 2022, Amazon ★★★★★ 5,0 of 5 Stars The Bleak Future A Glimpse into what our future might hold and how we will have to adapt, to survive. Wonderful story and beautifully writing. Found this book on a book blog that features amazing new books and authors.

  • Rutuja Ramteke’s review for THE SUPERFLARE

    Rutuja Ramteke is #12 of the top reviewers, #95 of the top readers on Goodreads) Dec 08, 2022 🥀This is by far one of my most favourite dystopian books that really rules my heart and it’s exactly the kind of book that has the power to keep it’s readers on edge. The book is based […]

  • Heidelinde Penndorf – This book has my absolute recommendation!

    Amazon editorial review from Germany, 12. Februar 2023 The SF novel with over five hundred pages is a stunner – intensive, fascinating, visually stunning, interesting, very exciting, emotionally gripping and multi-layered. 80% dystopian, but with an ending that gives hope. Some of the characters are very complex, learning and developing. It’s a novel that gets […]

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