The Novel

How far would you go to survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

When a gigantic solar storm hits the earth in 2051, a worldwide EMP destroys almost all digital devices and power supplies. Life in the clean cities collapses. They sink into barbarism and chaos. The artificial super-intelligence Tron withstands the EMP in a shielded bunker and disempowers the people.

In the turmoil of this apocalypse, Julia (17), a girl from a clean city turned living hell, meets Winston, an 18-year-old settler, whose village lies in the wilderness and whose people strictly reject any use of digital technology. The catastrophe made the once separate worlds collide.

Together Julia and Winston have to go through many adventures and battles. They have to fight tooth and nail to stay alive. To survive and to find their own way, they have to question themselves and the principles of their worlds. But Winston and Julia also discover their love for each other and their true destiny in the free people’s fight against Tron and his machines.

For Julia has a special and powerful gift…

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