Sun Releases Strong Solar Flare

Denise Hill, February 9, 2024, NASA – Solar Cycle 25

“The Sun emitted a strong solar flare, peaking at 8:14 a.m. EST, on Feb. 9, 2024. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which watches the Sun constantly, captured an image of the event.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy. Flares and solar eruptions can impact radio communications, electric power grids, navigation signals, and pose risks to spacecraft and astronauts.

This flare is classified as an X3.3 flare.  X-class denotes the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength.

To see how such space weather may affect Earth, please visit NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, the U.S. government’s official source for space weather forecasts, watches, warnings, and alerts.”

Please read the full article at NASA – Solar Cycle 25




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