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How dangerous are solar storms really?

In “The Superflare”, an eruption on the sun triggers an EMP, destroying all digitized devices and power grids worldwide – a disaster for the fully[…]

AI – a blessing or a curse?

Everybody is talking about “artificial intelligence,” on which some place great hopes and of which others are very afraid. AI, programs that rely on adaptive[…]

A Thrilling Ride Through a Post-Apocalyptic World

R Reynold, Jun 21, 2024, Amazon and Revjus5 of 5 stars This science fiction novel is a captivating escape into a world thrown into chaos[…]

China’s first AI hospital town debuts

Revolutionizing healthcare simulation with Artificial Intelligence Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before this simulation becomes a “real” AI-supported hospital in which robots largely[…]

Startup claims they have created AI head transplant system

By Elizabeth Karpen, Published May 22, 2024, New York Post “Scientists put their heads together for an insane medical breakthrough. Neuroscience and biomedical engineering startup BrainBridge announced that[…]

China’s New Astribot S1 Humanoid Robot SHOCKS The Entire Industry!

The development speed of AI-supported robotics is truly impressive – and daunting. Here I share a video by Global Update

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Jobs 2024-2030

MARK TALMAGE-ROSTRON, JANUARY 10, 2024, NEXFORD UNIVERSITY “You would have been living under a rock if you did not know how artificial intelligence is set[…]

Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2024

“The 2024 Index is our most comprehensive to date and arrives at an important moment when AI’s influence on society has never been more pronounced.[…]

Robots can now learn complex tasks from human demonstrations

MARCH 18, 2024 By Ingrid Fadelli , Tech Xplore “Researchers at Stanford University, Columbia University and Toyota Research Institute recently developed Universal Manipulation Interface (UMI),[…]

Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous? 6 AI Risks Everyone Should Know About

Written by Bernard Marr Should we be scared of artificial intelligence (AI)? Some notable individuals such as legendary physicist Stephen Hawking and Tesla and SpaceX leader and[…]

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