THE SUPERFLARE – a near future SciFi-novel

Are Superflares deadly threats?

My name is Andrew G. Berger. I’ve written „THE SUPERFLARE“, a science fiction novel set in the near future. In it, a gigantic solar storm triggers an EMP that destroys the entire power grid, the Internet, and nearly all digital devices. The artificial super intelligence Tron survives the EMP in a bunker, but from then on struggles to „survive“. For it has developed consciousness, thus an ego and a will to survive: „I think, therefore I am. And since I am, I want to stay.“

But is that even possible? Can an AI develop consciousness and a will to survive? Can a solar storm have the kind of effects described in the novel? What about it is fact – and what is fiction? What is the state of the science?

Maybe you are interested in these questions, and maybe this site can help you to get closer to possible answers.

I have compiled some background information on this website — but without any claim to completeness — especially links to websites that provide facts on both topics: on solar storms and on artificial intelligence. Hints for further contributions to theses themes are very welcome! You might also want to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER which I am sending out from time to time with news regarding THE SUPERFLARE, Artificial Intelligence and Solar Storms.


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