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Andrew G.Berger

My name is Andrew G. Berger. “The Superflare” is my first science fiction novel. In it, I tell a story set in the near future that explores how humans might behave in extreme situations. An artificial superintelligence plays a central role in it – and not by chance. The question of what impact the triumph of AI could have on the future of humanity has long been the subject of controversial debate. Since Chat GPT was launched, this discussion has reached the public consciousness – and gained even more urgency.

When I was a high school student, I realized that writing was something I liked and enjoyed. So I wrote for the school newspaper, then for the local paper, and later as a student for a large national daily newspaper. Then came prose pieces that were published in anthologies. I edited books and participated in the publication of books. In the course of time, the idea for “THE SUPERFLARE” emerged, my first long novel, which I published in 2022.

About myself: I have studied German Literature, Political Sciences and History. Today I live and work in Berlin. I am married and have two children.


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